The Three Eric’s is a golden clear 10 EBC beer with a lighter gravity of 3.7 its  hoppy with a International Bitterness Units reading of 58 giving it bite. It can be classed as and IPA. 
This taste is achieved by multiple applications of a single British hop it is one of only two beers in our range made with UK Hop malt and even the yeast is from the East Midlands the beer is named in memory of my Dad Eric who restored St Annes, Our chief brewer another Eric and Erik our Danish Friend who helped set up the brewery. It is great cold with spicy food, the Erics has a faint tang of Orange if your in the mood without being a citrus beer. 

Lea Cross Dark Gunpowder is not a standard dark beer, not a stout but a dark bitter or Ruby Black at EBS 72 the taste is more malty than bitter but it has a 36 IBU Which means its not over sweet and can be drunk in volume. At 4.5 ABV it packs a punch and the 3.9 ABV version is sill got a broad appeal. 
Shrewsbury CAMRA described it as;
“Which made an excellent example (both in taste and cross-style complexity) on which to work. We decided it was a Strong Mild, but that it had a bit of porter in there as well, as it is quite fruity.” its a blend of Polish and German Hops in multiple applications with an American yeast and a couple of good UK malted barley. We can recommend anyone to try this beer.”  




St Annes Brewery